Breastfeeding Consultants

Are you experiencing:

  • sore or damaged nipples
  • worried about your milk supply
  • supplementing with formula
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • someone says you "can't breastfeed" because......
  • pumping questions
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • History of: breast surgery, Infertility, hypothyroid, unsuccessful breastfeeding with another child. 

Is your Baby experiencing:

  • difficulty latching / refusing the breast
  • not gaining weight normally
  • fussy, gassy, unhappy baby
  • unable to lift or stick out his/her tongue
  • Not Breastfeeding at least 8X, peeing 6X or pooping 3X every 24hours
  • Preterm, low birthweight, in the NICU or discharged from NICU

All services are in the privacy of your own home.

  • 2 hour home visit
  • medical history and breastfeeding experience discussed
  • hands-on assistance throughout an entire feeding
  • a written breastfeeding care-plan individualized for you & your baby
  • a report is sent to the mother's and baby's physician
  • complimentary phone consultations for follow-up care
    My Services
I can help you...

I can help you...

             Sharon Nichols RN, IBCLC     &    Candy Scarbrough IBCLC

                                          We are your HOME VISIT Specialists   

(865) 705-9577

865  Appointments available within 24 hours

Visits are covered by insurance

  • Under the Affordable Health Care Act, Lactation Consultations are covered by insurance. .
  • I will provide you with paperwork & instructions to easily file your insurance so that you may be reimbursed for the consultation.
  • Payment is accepted at time of service.

Insurance coverage

(865) 705-9577